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     ° Flowers for Funeral Homes
     ° Mobile Applications
     ° Facebook Applications
     ° Dating Websites
     ° Savings for Corporations
     ° Savings for Flower Buyers
     ° Flower Coupon Sites
     ° Flowers Helping Charities
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The Florist One® API
Sell Flowers on Any Website or Application

The Florist One® API is the world's first API that lets you sell florist-delivered flowers on any website or application. The Florist One® API is used in conjunction with the Florist One® Affiliate Program which pays an industry leading 20% commission on every sale.

Display flowers to your visitors in a fully customizable white-lablel storefront, have them purchase flowers without ever leaving your website - fresh flowers are delivered by a network of over 15,000 local FTD florists in the United States and Canada and you earn a 20% commission on sales. We handle every aspect of order fulfillment and Customer Service - you make the sale on your website, we take care of everything else. More on how it works.

The Florist One® API can be used to create significant and easy revenue streams for funeral homes and obituary websites, mobile applications, Facebook applications, dating websites, charitable fund raising, coupon websites, or any corporation or organization that wants to save on flowers or give discounts to flower buyers. More on how the Florist One® API can be used.

API Overview and Highlights

  • Create a fully customizable white-label store front to sell florist-delivered flowers
  • Build a complete flower shop or display select products - your visitors checkout on your website, order details are passed to us via the API for order fulfillment
  • Our API is a free SOAP, XML based web service that can be used by any web programming language including PHP, ASP.NET, Java
  • Choose between using your merchant account or using the Florist One® merchant account to process the transaction
  • Earn a 20% commission on every sale
  • Flowers are delivered by network of over 15,000 local florists in the United States and Canada
  • Florist One® handles every aspect of order fulfillment and Customer Service
  • Our API can be used in many ways to create significant revenues streams or realize savings on fresh, florist-delivered flowers - flower buying has changed!
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