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Our Partners

Florist One® is proud to have the following partners using the Florist One® API.

Stewart Enterprises Inc. is a national operator of funeral homes in the United States. Stewart Enterprises uses the Florist One® API to offer flowers on funeral home websites such as Garden of Memories.

Stewart Enterprises created their own signature brand of floral products that were then made available through the Florist One® API. Stewart Enterprises also uses another advanced feature of the API which allows for the selection of a specific local florist to make the flower delivery - this allows them to preserve existing relationships with local florists and maintain their high floral standards.

FrontRunner Professional is a leading provider of funeral management software and funeral home website design, funeral webcasting and tribute video software. FrontRunner Professional uses the Florist One® API to offer flowers directly from its Book of Memories™ software. Flowers can be sent directly while viewing an obituary - the visitor to the Book of Memories™ never has to leave to send the flowers they need to send..

Aldor Solutions, an industry innovator and the oldest continuing supplier of funeral home software, has integrated the Florist One® API into Funeral Director's Management System (FDMS®) software. While viewing an online obituary, FDMS® offers flowers directly from their application with calls to the Florist One® API.

Funeral Director’s Resource, Inc. has been serving Funeral Director’s needs since 1991, and most recently has released Osiris® funeral home software, an advanced funeral home software solution that fully integrates with funeral home websites and leverages the Florist One® API for offering flowers from its online obituaries.

Florist Now is a iOS application available on iTunes that lets you send flowers from any iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Florist Now makes sending flowers easy by allowing you to use your existing contacts. Florist Now also sends reminders for special occasions.

Mobile Florist is an app for the HP webOS operating system and a creation of Syntactix. Mobile Florist is an easy and elegant application that lets you send flowers while on the go - flower categories can be organized by popularity, price or name.

BitRoses uses the Florist One API to let you use Bitcoin payments to buy fresh flowers delivered by a local florist. They are the first site to only accept Bitcoin payments to buy flowers.

Cluzee is an intelligent personal digital assistant currently available on Android phones that helps you stay organized. Cluzee integrates with a number of service providers to help you manage your life - and send flowers easily when you need to.

Local Florist Delivery is an an example of a white-label florist website that can be built using the Florist One® API. Our API gives complete control and flexibilty of the look and feel of the site as well as search engine optimzation and content. In this case, our partner created a directory of funeral homes and hospitals to make flower delivery to those facilities easier.


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